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How Important is Cash Flow Management?

The old saying goes:




Cash Flow management is one of the most critical success factors for small businesses. Many successful businesses have ran into problems because the amount of cash coming in doesn’t compare with the amount of expenditure going out. Cash Flow is the life blood of any business. Many companies don’t have a proper handle on their cash flow situation. Put bluntly, without good cash flow systems you cannot succeed! Many studies show that insufficient capital is one of the main reasons for small business failure, coupled with lack of experience, poor location, poor inventory management and over-investment in fixed assets.

How to Improve and Maintain Cash Flow?

Most business owners see growth as the solution to a cash flow management problem. That’s why they often achieve their goal of growing the business only to find they have increased their cash flow problems in the process. Plan for growth and investment so they that there are no surprise later on. Here are 5 practical areas to consider in order to better manage cash flow for the growing business.

  1. Proactive Collecting of Receivables
  2. Tighten Up Credit Requirements
  3. Increase Sales beyond current levels
  4. Pricing Discounts for Early Payment
  5. Securing Short-Term Loans

Every business must have an effective cash flow system in order for their business to success. Cash flow is the single most important business issues for SME’s and the most common reason given for businesses who run into financial difficulties. In most cases cash flow can be improved in most situations provided the situation hasn’t been allowed to get too far out of hand.

If you are experiencing cash flow difficulties contact Akanya Tharabololo today to see how we can assist your business through establishing an effective structured cash flow system. Arrange a free consultation with us to talk through the specific aspects of your business and we will tailor a package to match your needs. You can phone us on +27 11 704 0473, email us at or alternatively you can fill out the form below.

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