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Your Success is our Goal

Akanya Tharabololo – What Makes Us Different? 

Akanya Tharabololo is a business that exists to fully service the needs of our clients. We measure our success based on the results we achieve and we fully stand over the work we carry out for each and every client. We are a progressive, proactive, growth orientated company and we work with businesses who share a similar ethos and are seeking to push their business on to the next level. What makes Akanya Tharabololo different is that we actively work closely with your business to help it grow and we consider our working relationships with clients to be “business partnerships” rather than tradition service provider arrangements. That’s what sets us apart!

11 Reasons to Choose Akanya Tharabololo!

Here are eleven reasons why you should choose Akanya Tharabololo as your accountancy and business advisors.

  1. You want to save money on costs and grow your business.
  2. You want someone you can rely on who knows the financial intricacies of your business.
  3. You want someone to act as a financial controller for your company without costing a fortune.
  4. You want to increase sales and cut tax liabilities.
  5. You want to work with somebody who cares about your business almost as much as you do.
  6. You want somebody who keeps on top of your financial well being without having to be asked to do so.
  7. You want to work with business advisors who know their stuff and have a proven track record of success.
  8. You want to work with a company who have a large portfolio of successful clients.
  9. You want to work with a company whose clients are delighted to tell you how happy they are with their service.
  10. You want an accounting partner that you can trust and is dedicated to your success.
  11. When you have an issue you want it addressed as soon as possible. Not the next day or the next week!

We care deeply about client companies and their well being.  For us the financials are all about getting real insights into your business so that we can proactively approach you with ways to reduce costs and grow the business. We don’t need to be asked to carry out these tasks as we go above and beyond what’s necessary to add real value to your business. We do everything in our power to ensure that the highest possible standards of support are provided at all times.

What We Can Do for You?

From the moment we meet a new client, and continuously thereafter, we will identify and discuss with you key strategies than will improve the financial position of your business. Akanya Tharabololo work hard on your behalf to achieve measurable results for your business. We help you save money and grow your business in tandem. We help you minimise your liabilities and maximise your returns. Akanya Tharabololo take the pain out of managing the accountancy and financial administration aspects of your business allowing you to focus on your core goals of growth and productivity. We help solve your problems and make your business more efficient. Who doesn’t want that level of support?

Contact Akanya Tharabololo today on +27 11 704 0473 or email us at to see how we can assist you with your business. Alternatively you can fill in the enquiry form below and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.

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Customer feedback

Bruce Meyer
26/04/17 18:41:51
Great website. Keep up the good work!
Jacques Verster
23/04/17 00:50:49
Great company. Looking forward to do more business.
Thank you Jacques. Great to have your support!




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